Why Magnets from Fairway Make Great Souvenirs

Resin Magnets from Fairway Manufacturing Company Make Great Souvenirs

Traditionally, whenever someone goes on holiday they tend to buy souvenir gifts for friends and family who stayed behind. Travelers also like to buy souvenirs for themselves so they can have a keepsake to remember their vacation and the wonderful time they had visiting and exploring different places. However, buying souvenirs from various landmarks and attractions can become a costly, time-consuming and inconvenient process. Travelers often find themselves being overcharged for trinkets, and then they have to be concerned with making room in their luggage or even having to ship the souvenir items back home.

Custom Designed Magnets from Fairway Mfg. Co. make perfect souvenirs for the busy traveler who would prefer to actually enjoy his vacation rather than waste time searching for keepsakes and souvenir gifts. These colorful images can be conveniently and inexpensively ordered from our online store and delivered right to your door in a matter of days for in-stock magnets and mere weeks for custom designed magnets.


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With Custom souvenir magnets, your customers won’t have to worry about forgetting to pick up a souvenir for one of their relatives who expects some sort of trinket from their trip.  Just place them by your checkout lanes or registers for the perfect impulse buy item.   With custom designed magnets, you get some of the best advertising around for pennies to the dollar.  Your customers don’t have to try cramming them into your suitcase, as they can be placed in their pocket.  Once home, they place it onto their fridge door and that’s where the FREE advertising comes in.  EVERYONE who sees it will ask about it.  If they loved the trip they will suggest their friends and family go there too .  Such an easy and very effective way to drive business to you.  Just go online at Fairwaymfg.com and check out our outstanding collection of in-stock fridge magnets, or call us for a FREE quote on custom designed magnets.