Custom Designed Souvenir Magnets

Custom souvenir refrigerator magnets for tourist destinations & locations.

Refrigerator magnets with your logo or message on them are one of the most economical and effective ways to advertise your company or service.

Having your logo displayed on your customer’s or prospect’s refrigerator is prime time advertising space. The trick is how you get your magnet on their refrigerator.

Custom made refrigerator magnets are a unique and interesting product that will offer the kind of return on investment that you need in today’s economy? Our refrigerator magnets are custom made to order.  We can capture your logo or message using our unique molded processes to make an attractive promotional magnet that your customers of visitors will hang on to forever.

We offer competitive pricing, low minimum orders, and fast turnaround times. Our custom designed promotional magnets are 100% American Made; which is something your customers or visitors will appreciate.   We have over 60 years experience in making custom magnets for the advertising and promotional products market.

Some of the types of magnets we have include: