Are you looking for clever magnets that are informational and look great? You’ve come to the right place. Fairway can create any type of magnet that you can think of. We have several stock items ready to ship, or we can create a magnet that is all your own. Custom designed magnets attract business and are the perfect souvenir for everyone. Impulse buying has never been so easy with 3D vinyl magnets.

Custom Magnets are Perfect for Advertising

Custom Magnets are a perfect way to advertise your business.  Hand one out to every customer and they will place it on their fridge.  When they need your services again, your custom magnet is right there, on your fridge, just where they placed it when you were there on your first visit.  You’ve taken away the hassle of looking you up again or finding someone else.  Your magnet got you another service call or pizza order.  
24/7 Advertising to your customers.  At two in the afternoon or two in the morning, your custom magnet, with your image and phone numer on it just got you another pizza or burger order.  That magnet is worth a lot and cost you pennies to make. Being right there when someone is needing a service or wanting to eat pizza, that custom magnet makes you money for as long as that customer keeps that magnet.  I know I’d give them away and get more sales.
Custom magnets make sense.  They are a cheap way to advertise.  It’s been proven over and over again.  A magnet on someones refrigerator gets you business.  Go look on your fridge and see if you have a magnet you always refer to.  Yup, I have a few too.  Give us a call and get a FREE quote on custom magnets for your company.  Why loose precious business to someone else who has a custom magnet?  For less than a dollar a piece, you’ll have advertising for life!.  Call 1-800-325-0889 Today!


Samples of Custom Design and Name Drop Fridge Magnets


Custom Design Magnets
Custom Design Name Drop Magnets

Name Drop Magnets Make it Easy To Have a Branded Magnet for Your Souvenir Shop

Everyone goes on vacation.  More then half of them get some sort of trinket for themselves or a friend and family member.  Magnets just happen to be a fantastic item for them to buy.  They fit in any suit case, represent the place they visited, be it a state, or historic site, attraction, or amusement park or zoo.  Magnets are affordable gifts that guests can purchase for under a few bucks.  You can always count on magnets to sell.  The price is right and the size is too!  What are you waiting for?
Are you looking for a cheap solution for advertising your attraction?  You’ve come to the right place.  We carry stock magnets that you can add your name to.  It’s called Drop Name and with it, we help you save money on a custom magnet.  Name drop magnets have a stock image, say a bear or boat or teepee.  You pick out your design from our list and then tell us what you want it to say on the space provided.  It can be the name of your store or the city where your attraction is or even the state.  Speaking of states, we have a great line of state magnets. Two colors to full color informational State magnets.
Whether you need a custom designed magnet or a stock magnet with your name on it, any way you look at it, it’s a great investment.  The benefits of advertising and helping people remember their vacation, which in turn makes them remember where they went and who they stayed with. helps that customer decide that they want to continue to use your services or visit your B & B again next year.  Magnets, they’re what’s popular.  Call us today and get your FREE quote on custom name drop imprinted souvenir or company magnets today. 1-800-325-0889